Some of the best places that we need to travel are hidden under their own folds, likewise, we found Tilgan. Its the kind of location which not even exists on Google Maps, that’s for sure. 

Tilgan is a grassy sloppy piece of land located in the mid of Himalayan region near Manali. It took us 5 Hrs to reach this place from Jagatsukh Village. But when we reached here, we found the peace. Natural Sanctuary of Tilgan is truly something. Covered with timberlands from all directions. Displaying the gigantic mountain views. Crossing paths with a lot of streams. This place is what we need to escape from the world.

The trek to this wonderland was also one of the best we had in a while. Its not like something you go in alone. Trek to Tilgan, ways from villages, local residences, grazing animals in the woods – things that bring colors to the journey.

These are the things that generates some emotions in the way. And with courtesy to our trek guide we had 2 great dogs, that accompanied us while the trek.

After this experience, our company has decided to customize a new trek to “The Tilgan Trek”, which will be a 2 day exploration. The weekend trek, which will be released in the year 2019.” Let’s hope that goes well.

The things which will be promised by the trek will be – Trekking, Camping, Nature Sightseeing, Forest Walk, Bonfire, Food, and Memories. As for now, our team is working to craft this trek more effective to replace the old terrains of Himachal Pradesh. 

Tilgan - Hidden Gem of Himalayas
Tilgan – Hidden Gem of Himalayas

In India, we are privileged to have trekked for all seasons, which arises the query which one to be preferred – .

In our response, you must go for both treks. The experience will be absolutely different. Most people prefer summer treks because of Safe Environment and holidays also supports them. But, in the latest trends, people are now engaging themselves with winter treks also to experience the snow. 

In India, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir are major landmarks for the winter treks. Chopta-Chandrasheela, Cheddar Trek [Frozen Lake Trek] and Kuari Pass Trek are some good treks of this time.

During Winter treks, one has less time to cover up the distance, more slippery slopes, views are gigantic but a lot of whiteness will be there. Summer Treks on other hand gives you lively views of greenry, forests, woods and allows you to travel with more daytime.

So, choosing a right trek is not that difficult. But we suggest, that you first go for a summer trek to be on safe side, then forward to a winter trek.

Also, to mention, winter treks generally require continuous physical check-up’s. So before planning a trip, you must be physically fit.

You can leave the queries to our comments section.

Which one is better "Summer Trekking or Winter Trekking"?
Which one is better “Summer Trekking or Winter Trekking”?

As the “Winter is Coming” people are getting excited about Kuari Pass Trek. We at Adventure Travel Trip is all set to bring the Kuari Pass Trek for you.

It is located in the Uttarakhand State of India. The Himalayan Range in this areas is famous for the vegetation and forest. The Kuari Pass Treks starts from Joshimath. The location of Joshimath is a key centre for various treks like Badrinath – Kedarnath Yatra, Valley of Flowers Trek, Auli Trek and what not.

How to Reach Joshimath?

Joshimath’s nearest base station is Haridwar, which is located on about 250 km from the area. Haridwar is a famous tourist and pilgrims point for India. A lot of travellers come here to seek spiritual and religious completeness. 

Haridwar can be easily accessible through Railway or Bus Service, and there are ample private taxi services for so. The nearest International Airports to Haridwar are located at Delhi, from where you can reach Haridwar through Railway or by road transportation.

From Haridwar, the road to Joshimath is a bit stretched and includes a lot of turns and views. The complexities of the Himalayan mountain can be easily seen here. It will take about 8-10 hrs with good weather to reach Joshimath.

Who can do Kuari Pass Trek?

Understanding the difficulties of the place where you are travelling is always good and beneficial.  People generally inquires about kuari pass trek and the level of the trek. 

For a beginner, this trek is a great place to learn trekking. The weather is good and the path is almost certain. You can learn things about trekking and others. Kuari Pass has its difficulties varies from Easy to Moderate. 

Best Months to Plan a Trip

In Winter Kuari Pass Trek is more attractive, so try to plan the trip by October to December. 

Everything to know about Kuari Pass Trek - Adventure Travel Trip.

A general trekking backpack is a simple bag/container/burden, which is one of major asset you have while you’re traveling anywhere on earth, from top-notch hills and mountains to the desserts with shining sand. A backpack is best companion and keeper of secrets for you. So, you must be very detailed while choosing a backpack. So here we are with some viable points that will guide you to select a perfect backpack for your next journey or if you select it may be with you for your complete life.

General Trekking Backpack Description

Parameters for selecting a backpack:

  • Capacity
  • Water Resistance
  • Ample no. of compartments and pockets
  • Adjustable Body Fit
  • Material of Backpack

So how you might go and check for a backpack with these parameters. Have any idea? Backpacks are not a daily use commodity that’s why many of the travelers might find it unrealistic to spend on an “IDEAL” Backpack, also, many find an excuse that they travel after a very long period because of which they DO NOT PREFER to buy this.

In India, if you go in a local market you can find backpacks in the range of INR 500-6000, which will look alike and some might look too attractive to buy, but please remember, “Backpack must be bought on performance rather than looking”.

So, here are some tips to buy a backpack

  • If you are traveling to a location where you might need to carry your luggage most of the time, go for a Backpack of 40-60 ltr capacity and it must be light otherwise you will have to carry unnecessary weight on your shoulders all the time. As per me, if you are going for Adventure activities like trekking, camping or backpack tour, please carry lesser items in your luggage, think twice before putting anything into your bag, because you have to wear that burden. Most of the travelers fail to understand this point and takes a lot of items (Unnecessary Items) and later they question their consciousness for doing so.
  • Comfortability with the Backpack is one prior point and must be considered while choosing it. Ask the shopkeeper to give you a stuffed bag (Do ask him) and put it on your back. Now try to adjust it. Try to walk a little and do some situps and stretching exercises with it. You might look funny but it will give you a proper knowledge that the body part movement with the backpack is comfortable to you or not?
  • Material selection: is another big question. Mostly all backpacks are made up of Polyester Fabric and labeled with Water Resistant mark, but still, they fail. So how you can find a better one??? If you have any previous encounters with bag or luggage case selection than you will know that many manufacture coat the bags from polyester from Inside and go for a hard case coating from exterior, but when you go for some terrains you will find that the fabric from the bottom of the backpack starts to get worn out and ultimately gets damaged. So, go for a backpack with some warranties on the fabric quality.
  • Do you have any count that how many pockets you need in your backpack? Make a list or brief idea about that. Like, in my case, I want to keep my clothes, toiletries, medicines and general purpose items into separate sections so whenever I require them I can easily access them. Also, a water bottle and lunch case partition is a must.
  • Then there are some more factors that might improve the usability of your General Trekking Backpack like, support bands, mobile charger slot (it still needs a power bank), Bluetooth Speaker Socket, Sleeping Bag Section, Adjustable Storage options and many more.

So, I am just finished with describing you about the points, if you have any queries you can put them in the comments section and I will revert to them as soon as possible. You can see an example backpack here.