When people try to imagine their traveling to India, the first thing they put into their bucket list is “Taj Mahal“. Even the Obama’s did pay the visit to this Wonder of Human architecture. In India, Taj Mahal is located in the Agra city of Uttar Pradesh. It is constructed on the bank of River

Remember the song “Yeh Chand Sa Roshan chehra” which was shot during a Shikara Ride on Dal Lake. That song left an indefinite romantic experience for everyone. People of all parts of the world got inspired to capture similar memories for their life after that song. Dal Lake continuous to have that impression of romance

Gujarat is a land of colors, food, and people. As much as we appreciate people getting engage themselves with planning, It is also our responsibility to create an itinerary for their perfect Gujarat weeklong tour. Gujarat in colors Gujarat is one of the best states in India to plan a tour in the winter season.

The things which will be promised by the trek will be – Trekking, Camping, Nature Sightseeing, Forest Walk, Bonfire, Food, and Memories.

We feel to draft an article after our last trip on Trekking Shoes or Boots, What is the difference?  A general question that needs to be clearly answered after our last Manali Trekking Exploration.

In India, we are privileged to have trekked for all seasons, which arises the query which one to be preferred – . In our response, you must go for both treks. The experience will be absolutely different. Most people prefer summer treks because of Safe Environment and holidays also supports them. But, in the latest

From our experience of trekking and regular queries from our guests, we decided to put an informative article to answer the question: How to choose best trekking shoes? Let us put this first that no trek is same, choosing and investing in trekking shoes must be according to your preference of treks and how often

Adventure Travel Trip is happy to announce the final list – Kuari Pass Trek Fixed Departure Dates, for Winter Season. We at Adventure Travel Trip is all set to host you all at this wonderful location. Come and Join Us. Month Dates September 22/30 October 6/12/18/24/30 November 3/10/17/24/ December Friday, Saturday and Sunday So, stay

As the “Winter is Coming” people are getting excited about Kuari Pass Trek. We at Adventure Travel Trip is all set to bring the Kuari Pass Trek for you.

Kuari Pass Trek – Things to Carry. This is a very deep and intense question asked by our guests – What things to carry for Kuari Pass Trek or any other trek. Actually, during any trek, you need to carry ample amount of things for yourself. Please refer here that ample means not greater or