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Hello All, recently my team of Adventure Travel Trip asked me to write my experience of Tilgan Exploration. So, I was not able to say “No”. Reminding of my experience during Tilgan Trek, I have one word for it – Awesome.

Introduction to Tilgan

Tilgan is a wonderful location in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. For this amazing location, you need to track from Manali. It will take around 5-6 hrs to reach Tilgan from Kalath, Manali.

The landscape of Tilgan is full of Green Grass. The rocky mountains of Himalayas cover Tilgan Ground from two sides. Campsite of Tilgan is crossed with a narrow water body. The water from this narrow sub-river is so pure that you will be drugged to drink it.

Below Tilgan, you will find the slope connected to paths to the nearest villages.

How I feel about Tilgan?

Tilgan is one of its kind place where you find an instant connection. When I reach Tilgan, I lost track of all heavy load of efforts that I pursued to reach here. During the whole trek, I was only imagining the 1% of how beautiful would be Tilgan? The real beauty of the Himalayas can be visualized from here.

I still remember the time when we played cricket in their and spared our time with a bonfire. I promised myself that whenever I will be getting time, I will visit the place again.

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Hitesh Sharma
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