48 Boys and a Gujarat College Tour
48 Boys and a Gujarat College Tour

It was the year 2016 during my Bachelors, my class was assigned to a Gujarat College Tour. It was an amazing experience for the whole batch as we were travelling together for the very first time.

Gujarat is full of traditional and cultural sites. But as we are young and were on a college tour, we need to see some mixture of creativities.  Our college planned a weeklong exploration of Gujarat and Diu as a part of Industrial Tour.

The itinerary that we followed:

  • Day 1. Jaipur to Mehsana Via Train
  • Day 2. Visit to Appolo Tyre Factory as a plan of Industrial Visit. Forward evening watching AIRLIFT movie and spending some time in local market sightseeing.
  • Day 3. Visit to Mehsana Water Park and Aksherdham Temple at Ahemdabad. Evening train to Somnath.
  • Day 4. Visit to Somnath Temple in the morning. Forward visit to a sugar factory in the way to Diu. Evening at Diu with beach visit and drinks with friends.
  • Day 5. All on yourself time to Diu Fort. Evening pool party at hotel with drinks at poolsite.
  • Day 6. Departure from Somnath to Ahemdabad. Evening at Ahemdabad with street food and visit to Kakaria Lake. Evening train to Jaipur
  • Day 7. Reach Jaipur at afternoon. Lunch in the train. 

In the coming posts, I will be defining all the areas that I have visited separately and will post pics of the places.

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